Miles Construction was responsible for our rebuild after the February 22nd earthquake. They had been selected by our insurance company to do the second quantity survey and it seemed logical to us to select them for the build also. Miles Construction had a good reputation and Alistair Miles was president of the Masters Builders association which was also reassuring.

We found the build process was well managed despite inevitable challenges that come from hill sites and some of the guidelines imposed on rebuilds by the Insurance Company. By appreciating that Miles Construction and their sub-contractors were also juggling other builds, meant we did not feel anxious at those times when no one was onsite because we trusted their judgement and knew they were committed to finishing the house properly.

We are delighted with the outcome. With the help, advice and experience of the team, we were also able to make some last minute changes to details when we realised that some of our choices were not as good as we had first imagined. This especially was the highlight for us in the process because we had never built before.

The attention to fixing all the little details and touch-ups once we were in has been very easy and well managed